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Math: “Putting the Practices into Action”


Stefanie Buckner, MAEd, NBCT -High School Math Instructional Coach- Buncombe County Schools, Asheville, NC

On Thursday, October 10th,  Stefanie Buckner from Buncombe County Schools facilitated a workshop held at the NWRESA in Wilkesboro, NC.  The session provided great perspective on teaching mathematics.

Stefanie focused her workshop around a book entitled:  Putting the Practices Into Action, Implementing the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice, by Susan O’Connell and John San Giovanni, 2013.


This book takes a different approach to teaching general concepts to each of the 8 math practices (CCSSM) as opposed to addressing each specific objective.   She took the time to address each standard using the book as a reference but allowed each participant to complete and try sample activities that were designed specifically to use with students and assist with gaining student proficiency at each standard.

The strengths of this workshop included:

  • A reference book that bases strategies not on teaching the content but more on the concepts of the standards.
  • A series of activities that align with the standards
  • Tables within each standard that prescribe how to model the pedagogy in our classrooms to support these standards…

One quote in the book that describes the importance of this concept with the eight standards that pretty much says it all:  “These eight practices call attention to what it means to be mathematically proficient, to go beyond simply memorizing facts and formulas.”

For the link at the NWRESA and access the Power Point used for this session,  go to:

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