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Internship Programs Prepare Students for Their Futures

John Evan sitting at the desk of Congressman Patrick McHenry

John Evan sitting at the desk of Congressman Patrick McHenry

Students at Newton-Conover High School have the chance to check out their future career choice by taking an internship during their junior and senior year.  On average,  150 juniors and seniors will take an internship class during the school year.  This is when a student chooses to go to a place of business or area of interest that may suit him/her as a career later on.  These may be paid internships or not but are scheduled for one period during the regular school day.  This year’s students are interning at Catawba Valley Medical Center, Newton Animal Hospital, Conover Animal Hospital, Gray Stone Eye Care, Twin City Insurance, Conover Police, Newton Police, Conover Fire Department and many more places across Catawba County.  Interns are working in day surgery, in the pediatric unit, and as vet techs. They are observing eye surgery, riding with police on patrol, joining the fire department, working on business orders and many other exciting adventures.  These students have the desire to see what the real world is all about.

John Evans is one of the many outstanding interns at Newton-Conover High School in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) program.  John would like to pursue a future career in government.  He is interning this semester with Congressman Patrick McHenry.  John is a senior in high school, and through his internship, he has the opportunity to see firsthand what it takes to be a Congressman and politician.  John gets to work with the Congressman McHenry’s staff, and from time to time he works with Congressman McHenry himself.  Mr. Evans is very thankful for this chance to see what it takes to be a future leader of this country.

Bill Long, Director of High Schools, CTE and Student Services

Gary Towery, Instructional Management Coordinator

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