Sunday , 25 February 2018
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N-C HS Teachers Track Data to Increase Proficiency

CTE Google DocCareer and Technical Education teachers at Newton-Conover High School (NCHS) are using Google doc’s to track how their students are doing on standard objective test (Formative Assessments).  Each CTE course has standards set by NCDPI that must be covered during the teaching of a CTE course.  CTE teachers use what is called a “Blueprint” (instructional guide) that lists the standard, what percentage weight each standard carries for the course and how many hours teachers need to spend on each standard.  CTE teachers at NCHS use the “Blueprint” to make pacing guides to cover all standards during their course time.

Newton-Conover High School CTE teachers are using a program called Elements to create their formative assessments for these standards.  Elements are a state-base testing software that CTE teachers can use to make sure students understand the standards.   NCHS has seen an increase in VoCATS scores (state made final exam) by students that are tested on a regular basis using Elements.   The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction requires CTE students to make a 77 or higher on their VoCATS test to be considered Proficient.    Therefore, NCHS has set the benchmark a little higher for each standard being taught during the course.  NCHS CTE department is using 80 as their benchmark for each standard.  NCHS CTE students that make an 80 or better on each standard will most likely be Proficient on the VoCATS test.  During the 2012-13 school year, NCHS saw CTE students at an average of 89% proficient on the VoCATS tests.

To help make sure all students in CTE are on track to make proficient on their VoCATS, CTE teachers are tracking their data.  They are using a Google doc to keep a track of their class’ progress on each standard.  If the class over-all average is below 80% on a standard, they must go back and re-teach the standard and test the students.   As you can tell by the picture above in a Health Science I course that the teacher review and tested 3 different times before the class average was above 80%.  The CTE teachers are also tracking each student to make sure that those that did not make an 80% or better have a chance for more review.

The NCHS CTE department is leading the way to make sure all CTE students understand each standard before moving on to the next standard.  NCHS CTE has, on average, 780 students taking a VoCATS test each year.  CTE teachers are working hard to make sure all of their students are College and Career Ready.

Bill Long, Director of High Schools, CTE and Student Services

Gary Towery, CTE Instructional Management Coordinator

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