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Read to Achieve Update

reading owlRead to Achieve Update

On Monday, December 2, the portfolio passages will be posted on the secure TNN site for the Testing Coordinators to access.  The hard copies for each school will be shipped to the Central Office Testing Coordinator in mid December for distribution to the schools.  Teachers may begin administering passages on January 6, 2014.

Q & A about Read to Achieve

Q – What happens to portfolios that are not needed for good cause exemption? Are we required to shred?

        A-Yes this would be the best practice.

Q-Can a child that has been retained in 3rd grade because their parent doesn’t want them to attend Summer Camp, can you pick up with their portfolio at the beginning of the school year or does the child have to wait and start over on a new portfolio in January?

        A- All portfolios begin in January.

Q-What happens if a child successfully completes a portfolio before the end of summer camp?

        A-They have shown proficiency and they do not have to complete the rest of the camp unless the parents want the child to have the support.

Q-What kind of feedback are teachers allowed to give students after they have completed a passage?

        A-The teachers can use information from how the student did on the passage to adjust her instruction as needed, but they cannot use the passage to go over it with the student in detail.

Q- Can you administer the three passages on the same day?

        A- Yes, just remember that you can only have three passages per week.

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