Thursday , 22 February 2018
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K-2 State Math Assessments


North Carolina’s legislative and State Board  provides a summative state math assessment for the LEA’s for all K-2 students.  As a district, we helped to vet the assessment by reviewing each task in grades K-2.  This was a great way for our voices to be heard regarding the assessment.  As the instructional coaches reviewed the summative assessment, they discovered that the State really listened to our suggestions.

The purpose of the K-2 State Math Assessment is to gain an understanding of how students grasp concepts in mathematics.  The  knowledge gained through this process helps teachers to make instructional plans for the specific needs of the students within their own classroom.  During the assessment, the teacher provides the students with tasks related to the mathematics standards.  These tasks are scored with a simple “correct” or “incorrect” response.  The overall goal is to have all students show that they have become proficient with the mathematics concepts for their grade level.   This means that the students are able to model and explain the concepts accurately.  This “math talk” is very crucial for these assessments so that the students can articulate their own thought processes related to math.

Our district will use these assessments  during the window of May 5- 30 to discover how well our students are developing mathematically in grade K-2.

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