Friday , 15 December 2017
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North Newton Teacher Awarded Community Engagement Badge

DSCN4928Ms. Betsy Gaither, a fourth grade teacher from North Newton,  has been awarded a Community Engagement badge from  Miami University’s Project Dragonfly for making a difference in human and ecological communities. As part of the Global Field Program, Gaither learns to study and apply the tools of conservation science  as well as how to incorporate inquiry, community, and a voice into her daily interactions.
Betsy developed a project titled,  “School-yard Mapping to Create Action Plan to Decrease Trash and Connect Students to the Outdoors” with her fourth grade students at North Newton. The students  helped her create an action plan to reduce/eliminate trash on their campus, using school-yard maps for identification of trash “hot spots”. Betsy consistently teaches her students to think for themselves and always give 110% effort in all that they do daily.
Not only does Betsy deserve the honor of getting a Community Engagement Badge, she also gets the opportunity to travel  to Costa Rica on an Earth Expedition to fulfill her Master of Arts in Teaching degree in Biological Sciences from Miami University of Ohio this summer.  In Costa Rica, she will be studying Neotropical ecology, where  she will focus on cloud forests at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and tropical wet forests at La Selva Biological Stations.  The Earth Expedition is between July 17-26.  Ms. Gaither is  very excited to learn and study in the Tropics!  To discover more information about this trip visit this website:
Another adventure that Betsy will be involved in this summer is traveling  to  Paraguay to observe and learn about different conservation efforts in Laguna Blanca, Paraguay.  There is a non-profit conservation organization, called Para la tierra, that is working to conserve plant and animal species and the habitat of Laguna Blanca. As you can tell, Ms. Betsy Gaither is a teacher who truly loves Science and is always up for a new adventure!   If you would like to read more about this endeavor, click on this website:
*The picture above was taken in Baja, Mexico during my last Earth Expedition.  Betsy Gaither is sitting in front of a cirio tree (common in deserts!).

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