Thursday , 14 December 2017
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Famous Americans Visit North Newton


Famous people were spotted at North Newton on May 7th and 8th, as students in Miss Cook, Mrs. Recker, and Mrs. Cobb’s third grade classes proudly showed off their Wax Museum. Each student researched a famous person, created some amazing tri-fold boards that included student drawn portraits, timelines of important events, and handwritten biographies. They also created some rather inventive Wordles during Computer Class that describes the person.  They then brought their characters to life by dressing up and memorizing a speech given in the first person.

Read below to see some of the student’s comments about the wax museum.

Christian, one of our students states, “The wax museum was AWESOME! I got to be someone I am a fan of.”

Lilly, another student adds, “I got to research one of my role models, Lindsey Vonn.”  

Camden thinks, “Third graders should do this project next year because it was a good learning experience. I liked putting all of the pieces together (portrait, timeline, map, etc.) to make one big project.”

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