Wednesday , 21 February 2018
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Five NCCS Educators Attend ASW Training in Morganton

ASWlogoNewton-Conover City Schools had five educators in attendance when the North Carolina Department of Instruction presented their workshop on Analysis of Student Work (ASW).  Bill Long, Director of High School Curriculum, along with Glenda Dellinger, (Health and PE), Marty Isenhour (Arts), Miguel Silva (World Languages), and Greg Hardy (Advanced Placement) attended the day-long training in Morganton, NC.  This workshop was designed to allow the participants to bring back the processes that will be used for fellow teachers in these areas of discipline to their home district and share the process for them to use in their classroom.

With the use of End of Grade, End of Course and NC Final Exams in state testing, there are certain subjects that require a different sort of assessment for the teachers that teach the Arts, Health & PE, World Languages, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses.   For the teachers of these subject areas, there are no state tests to populate the Standard Six area of the Teacher Evaluation Instrument.  Instead, teachers of these subjects will use the ASW process.  Teachers will create an initial assessment (Point 1) and later assessment (Point 2) using a variety of possible artifacts to demonstrate growth in their students.  These artifacts could include, photos, videos, artwork, and many other options that would be downloaded to the state site for review to determine growth in that classroom with those students.

The educators from our district attending this workshop will now work with select K-12 teachers in the district that teach in these areas.  Professional development workshops will be set-up and provided in the coming weeks to prepare these teachers on the processes and ability to use this new program.

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