Sunday , 18 February 2018
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Project Based Learning Coming to the Elementary Schools in NCCS

bie 2The Buck Institute for Education is coming our way in September to train our third through fifth grade teachers in Project Based Learning.   In Project Based Learning, students are actively involved.   The  projects help to engage the  students’  hearts and minds and provides them with a  real-world relevance for learning.


What is Project Based Learning? Project Based Learning is a model of teaching where the students gain knowledge by working together in investigations where they are able  to answer many questions that make the students think critically.  Once our teachers are trained in Project Based Learning, the students will be more  involved in:

  • Student centered learning
  • Small group interactions
  • Leading classes where the teachers are facilitators or guides
  • Understanding that problems form the organizing focus and stimulus for learning
  • Understanding that problems are a vehicle for the development of clinical problem-solving skills
  • Learning new information through self-directed learning

Why use Project Based Learning?

  • Students learn better by being involved in active projects.
  • Once the students complete projects, the students are able to retain the information learned longer.
  • In order for our students to be able to work in the workplace in the 21st century, the students need to be equipped with more skills than just the basics.  PBL provides the students with a deeper understanding of problems and how to solve them in the real world.  Also, this process teaches the students how to take responsibility and build confidence, solve problems, work collaboratively, communicate ideas, and be creative innovators.
  • Teachers and students are able to connect with audiences around the world and can use the technology tools to find resources and information, create products, and collaborate more effectively.

We are so excited to be involved in this new process for our elementary schools. To learn more go to:

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