Friday , 15 December 2017
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Help Ne Co Ed Fo Feather Their Nest!

NestIn today’s world, it is even more important for community members to rally to a cause in order to enrich the lives of those who live there. Many enrichment programs have been eliminated due to cost-cutting measures and tight budgets. Our schools have felt the crunch. The Newton-Conover Education Foundation, Inc. (NeCoEdFo) believes that a great education is one of the strongest gifts we can give the children of our area. The non-profit organization’s sole purpose is to support the Newton-Conover City Schools through a series of altruistic programs that they call their “Possibilities.” The fact is that these programs are only possible if the private sector assists with the fund-raising efforts needed to finance the initiatives.

NeCoEdFo is all about businesses, professionals, community leaders and individuals partnering with educators and administrators to support and pay it forward for our community’s children. This is done through projects that give preschoolers a strong start, teachers the means to improve their instructional abilities, high school students the motivation to excel, and graduates support with the cost of higher education.

NeCoEdFo, along with generous sponsors, produces only two capitol-generating events each year. In the Spring they have the Red Hot Spelling Bee, a raucous and fun twist on the traditional bee that involves adult and student teams. This Autumn, they are producing their first-ever Nests for Knowledge Bird Schoolhouse Auction. The premise behind the event is to get the community involved in NeCoEdFo’s mission by asking them to build original, creative bird houses that must either be a schoolhouse or a birdhouse that incorporates an educational theme, motif or element. The donation of bird schoolhouses is imperative to the event’s success, as there will be no auction to produce funding if the area residents, businesses and organizations do not heed the call for assistance.

Through builders’/donors’ creativity and talent, the Nests for Knowledge Auction sales will generate the capitol needed to support NeCoEdFo’s efforts. The donor participants will benefit from strong odds that their creation may be chosen as the Best of Show and win our grand prize. Through the generosity of prize sponsors Bassett Furniture and Lee Industries,the winner will receive a Carnival Cruise for two to the Bahamas or the option of $1,500. NeCoEdFo sees this as a gamble of sorts, as this generous prize sponsorship could directly pay for one of their scholarships. However, the event is designed to let the community learn about NeCoEdFo, get involved in their important mission and assist them by multiplying this investment into “Possibilities” for the children in our school system.

Donors have until the October 3 deadline to submit their creation; the greater the number of donations, the greater the proceeds from the auction! The process of donating is simple. The builder/donor must download the Donation Form from the Nests for Knowledge website and deliver the completed form with their original birdhouse to the N-CCS Central Office at 605 N. Ashe Avenue in Newton by the deadline. The entire process and event are outlined online at

The next phase of community participation comes into play at the auction, where bidders are needed to purchase the nests to raise funding. The Nests Auction will be held on Thursday, November 6th at the recently completed South Newton Elementary. This will be one of the premiere events showcasing the system’s newest school. It starts at 6 PM with an informal reception, allowing bidders to review the donated bird schoolhouses. Entertainment will be provided by system students during the reception. The actual bidding on the nests will begin at 7 PM. Buyers interested in bidding on the birdhouses must purchase a paddle for $5, and by doing so they gain the right to vote for their favorite creation as Best of Show. The winner will be announced during the auction.

NeCoEdFo urges everyone in our district and the surrounding area to get involved! Show your school spirit, be a pillar of the community, and support education in an effort that is tax-deductible via both your donation and your purchase. You do not have to be from this area to donate a bird schoolhouse or bid. If you are chosen Best of Show, it will be a win-win experience. Your help is needed to make this a successful event. To find out more about NeCoEdFo visit If you have questions about the event please inquire via email to

Birds of a feather, let’s flock together for a GREAT cause!

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