Saturday , 17 February 2018
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Guided Math in the Classroom

math guidedGuided Math is similar to Guided Reading where the teacher puts the students into small groups and the students work on specific standards being taught in centers around the room. The teacher works with a group of students at a time on a specific skill in math while the other students work at centers related to the same topic.   Students are placed in ability level groups and taught the standards of the curriculum.  Student needs’ are met through differentiation during the Guided Math block.  

The teacher also uses anchor charts to provide the students with information related to the concepts being taught.

What are the benefits of Guided Math?

  • Students have the opportunity to develop and use math strategies that allow them to become comfortable with different types of problems
  • Students develop as confident, proficient, flexible mathematicians in a supportive, scaffolded environment
  • Students receive targeted, standards-based, rigorous instruction
  • Teachers get an opportunity to tailor instruction to the individual needs of their students
  • Teachers get an opportunity to focus in on specific content, strategies and skill sets with small groups
  • Teachers get to talk with individual students about math and hear their mathematical thinking

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