Saturday , 24 February 2018
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Move More, Learn More

peAt the moment, it looks like we’re losing the fight against inactivity and obesity in our young people. We are raising the most sedentary and unhealthy generation in American history: Its members may have the dubious distinction of being the first generation not to outlive their parents. (

Physical education is one of the best strategies we have to reverse this trend. And, not only does good PE increase the chances that our young people will live healthier more productive lifespans, it pays off in the classroom as well.  I believe we have a growing rate of ADD and studies have shown that this is due to children sitting still for long periods of time. (

Good PE programs provide the structure and discipline that young people need to perform in school effectively, make positive choices in their lives, persevere to see a project through to the end, and earn the respect of their peers. Today, our society seems to be struggling with these things. (Kelso, Charlotte)

Movement develops brain cells and stimulates the production of endorphins, body chemicals that help create feelings of happiness and calmness as well as ease stress and pain. A good workout can leave students feeling better about life and about themselves. An inactive student will feel lethargic and under-stimulated. (

In conclusion, PE is an important component to elementary education.  If students can recognize this, then they will be able to take these values and beliefs into their future and continue to lead healthy active lifestyles.


Written by: Rachel McRee



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