Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Senior Projects On The Move

Senior Projects on the Move PhotoStory by Rhiannon Beck

The senior projects are a big deal for the students and staff here at Discovery High School. They’re an opportunity for our students to learn and to better prepare themselves for college.

At the beginning of a new year, every senior chooses a topic that interests them. There are no rules as to what their project can be on. Students prepare their projects all throughout their senior year. There are six parts that go into a completed project. This includes a paper, portfolio, poster, PowerPoint, presentation, and the most emphasized here at Discovery High School, the product.

The students are very excited about their project ideas. Carly Krajack is studying the impact Disney princesses have on our youth. She hopes to send one special little girl to Disney World at the end of the year.  “Being a girl that grew up with the Disney princesses, I started to wonder how it influenced other young girls,” states Krajack.

Thomas Colton, another senior, is looking at how we can use maps and other resources to improve the quality of our water. He says he’s always had an interest in water, and he wants to go into a profession involving water quality.  “Career-wise, I want to be an environmental engineer with a focus in water resource engineering.”  When asked if he thought there was any possibility of getting sick of this topic he responded with, “I’ve been going for several years strong…I think I’ve got this.”

Will Early Senior ProjectsWill Early, on top of being a student at DHS, is a pilot. “It interested me at a young age.  I saw a blue angel show when I was 5-years-old and I thought it was so cool,” said Early.  “Surviving my first solo flight,” was Will’s most thrilling experience so far. Now he’s busy studying how airports impact small towns. He’s an advocate for preserving airports all around the U.S.

Stephen Bechtel is learning to keep bees, and studying about how the bee population affects our communities. “I’m going to try and run my hive as organically as possible.  We need to shift to cleaner bee-keeping,” advocated Bechtel.  Keeping bess can be a dangerous practice, but Bechtel doesn’t have any reservations, “I’m not nervous, I’m excited,” said Betchtel.  He draws his inspiration from the 2008 bee crisis.

The senior projects were ultimately designed to help students be better prepared for college. The rigor and creativity involved in the senior projects is similar to what the students will achieve in college.  Senior Seminar instructor and English teacher, Mr. Crosson speaks about his former students’ experiences.  “I have had students go to college and tell me that while everyone else in their class was stressing over a big project, the assignment was easy for them because of their experience with our Senior Project.”

The senior projects have a great impact on our students and our community. They prepare our students for college, and sometimes teach them life lessons. The senior projects are overall a very good thing for our students and very interesting for our community and staff.

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