Saturday , 24 February 2018
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DHS1On September 25th, Discovery High School students attended a field trip to Henry River Park. The trip created an opportunity for the student body to learn communication and leadership skills through team-building activities designed to foster cooperation, collaboration, and problem solving. Students divided into groups to discuss DHS norms and the school philosophy. Also, games and activities were planned, such as classifying students by attributes without talking, in order to build awareness and community.

The National Honor Society members,  along with Mr. Dixon, Mr. Scronce, and Mr. Barham, stood courageously as other students and teachers attacked them with water balloons, pies in the face, and buckets of ice water. Their efforts, together with generous faculty and staff donations, raised more than $1800 for the United Way Organization, which will help to fund many programs throughout the community. Everyone had a great time on this bonding adventure. Special thanks to Mr. Wilson and the school senate for planning and organizing the trip and activities. The students also would like to thank N-CCS Associate Superintendent, Dr. Aron Gabriel, for joining them and for driving one of the buses.











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