Friday , 15 December 2017
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How to Motivate Children with Reading

hopper 1As educators one of our most important jobs is motivating reluctant readers.  Research shows that students who read have more extensive vocabularies than those who do not.  Readers are also better writers and have a greater knowledge of the world than students who do not.

Reading specialist, Jim Trelease, recommends reading aloud to children as the first step in encouraging children to read. Other suggestions for motivating students who can read but choose not to include allowing students to choose their own books; providing opportunities for social interaction about what they’ve read.  Think about how excited adults get when they on a great book.

Students also need a variety of ways to respond to literature such as journals, art work, dramatizing scenes and simply talking about what they read.  Booktalks are also motivators because they advertise new and high interest material.  A great website for information about booktalks is 2

Finally, research shows that students who read for pleasure view reading as its own reward. There are no reward programs that indicate reading reward programs promote reading motivation.

Written by:  Kecia Hopper

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