Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Great Grade Tool!

Grading papers can now be fun and easy with! This app/website allows you to grade assessments with ease, and it will even do the dirty work of analyzing the data for you!

  • Sign up for your account here!
  • Confirm your email address
  • Select “Classes” from the top, and “Add a New Class.”
    • You can import your class list from an Excel document or type students’ names into the system individually.
  • Now it is time to create your assessment answer key.
    • It is as simple as selecting the number of questions on your test and selecting the correct bubble.
  • Print the answer sheets off for the students to code their answers.
    • In the upper right hand corner, have the students place the number you assigned them in the “Grade Cam ID.”  They will use the same number for every Grade Cam assignment for the rest of the year.

photo 4  photo 1 (1)

Once students have completed the assignment and all the bubbles are filled, you can pull up on your computer or the GradeCam App on your iPad.  You will use the camera from either device and easily scan your answer sheets.

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Once all of your tests are scanned, you have a grade for each student and analysis data to review.  How did your kids do?  Was there a particular standard or question you need to review?   You now have a quick and easy way to grade and look at the data!  Enjoy!

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