Sunday , 18 February 2018
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Research skills are  important to have throughout life. Even at a young age, students can research using NCWISEOWL and the BIG 6 method. In Ashley Arndt’s fourth grade class, the students have been conducting research about an animal according to their interest. They used the BIG 6 Research model and began learning new information about their animals. In order for them to research, the students had to have a mini lesson  in navigating through the NCWISEOWL website. The students then learned how to take their research from the iPad and included it in their brochure. The students learned how to write the information in their own words, and if they used direct quotes they used citations. The students learned how to conduct their own research and howto include that research in their animal brochures.  These skills will serve them well as their research assignments become more rigorous in upper grades.

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