Friday , 15 December 2017
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Character Ed Congratulates Students of Integrity at Conover School!

Character EdWhat is character?  It is what makes me, me and you, you! The most important aspect of how you teach students to develop their character and shine as individuals is to bring about the qualities you want them to portray.

Conover’s motto is “Reach for the Stars!” Even the simplicity of that statement is hard when someone doesn’t give you the time, space, or opportunity to show your potential.  Circumstances are not always in our control, but teaching patience, cooperation, teamwork, sharing, and caring will help our students develop their own personal strengths to help out those in the community, or even those in their own homes.

Recently, Mr. Character Ed came by Conover School to visit each classroom and congratulate the students that stayed on “green” for the month (the most desired color to be on, in a color-coded conduct tracking system.) He also gave those students a certificate and a high five!

Walk the halls of Conover School, hear the cheers, see the determination for each student to do their best, and look at the faces of these students to see that they are proud of themselves– and rightfully so!  They are excellent models of good character!

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