Friday , 15 December 2017
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Why Dance Class Is So Good for Students in Elementary School

danceThere are a number of benefits to having a dance class in elementary school.  It is an opportunity and privilege for students to have a dance at school.Dance is a healthy and fun form of exercise.  Dance can improve physical strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.  It provides a great way for students to channel energy, as well as improving overall cardiovascular health.

Students gain improved social skills through dance.  In dance class, students have the opportunity to collaborate with partners and in groups.  This teaches students how to work as a team.  Students also learn how to communicate effectively with each other to reach a targeted goal.

Having a dance class in school teaches students to have an understanding and appreciation for the arts.  They learn dance movement skills, choreographic principles, connecting to different cultures, responding to dance, and performance ability.  Dance also helps students tap into their creativity.

Students can learn to develop a more positive attitude through dance.  Dance is such a positive way for students to express themselves.  It improves self-esteem and confidence.

Dance in the school system provides so many benefits for children.  Dance provides many positive aspects for teachers in the classroom as well.  Teachers can use dance as a “brain break” for students.  Sites such and Just Dance videos on are very useful.  Students can get the “wiggles” out of their system as well as rejuvenating their bodies. ( , )

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