Saturday , 24 February 2018
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Expressing Literature Through Visual Arts and Writing

When you are looking for projects to coordinate with your next book consider partnering with the art teacher express the same idea in writing and with visual elements.  The expression of the same idea through 2 different mediums can help students gain a better understanding of both fields of study.  The study of details to help express ideas can help students to explore ideas in a deeper fashion.  For instance, creating a portrait of a character that must not only include details that are mentioned in the text, but also ones that could be implied.  The portrait can be  completed in art class and include the proper proportions of a face, as well as use of color to set mood that would match that of the book.  The reading teacher can then create a paper that has a detailed description of the character in a number of ways. They can create a description for a “Wanted” or “Missing Person” poster or even a eulogy that must be imagined for this character. This could include very sophisticated projects that can each deep into the psychology of a character and express emotions

Here is an example of an illustration from the book, I Need My Monster by Rita Moreno.  Students were challenged to imagine a monster that would live under their own bed after reading about the ones in the








Written by:  Marion McClure


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