Friday , 15 December 2017
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Shuford Elementary Mixes Things Up a Bit!

Mix it upShuford Elementary celebrated “National Mix it Up Day” on Wednesday, November 5th. On this day, students in 3rd – 5th grade were “mixed up” at lunch and asked to sit with different students. This day was a part of their anti-bullying programming and encourages kids to make connections with those who are different from them. ​Everyone was invited to dress wacky-tacky on Wednesday in order to “Mix it Up”!

“Teaching Tolerance”, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, launched the “Mix It Up” program in 2002. It’s a simple call to action: take a new seat in the cafeteria. By taking a risk, this one day, students can cross the lines of division in a safe, controlled environment, meet new people, and help build an inclusive and welcoming school community.

Research shows that Mix It Up programming works. According to Mix Day organizers who responded to a 2008 survey conducted by Quality Education Data, the Mix It Up program produces powerful results:

  • 97% said students’ interactions were positive during Mix It Up at Lunch Day.
  • 95% said Mix It Up at Lunch Day prompted students to interact with people outside their normal social circles.
  • 92% said Mix It Up at Lunch Day increased awareness about social boundaries and divisions within school.
  • 83% said the event helped students make new friends.
  • 79% said as a result of the Day students have heightened sensitivity towards tolerance and social justice issues.
  • 78% said as a result of the Day students seem more comfortable interacting with different kinds of people.

Source: Mix It Up Survey conducted by Quality Education Data, 2008Wacky Tacky DayMix it up2


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