Friday , 15 December 2017
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Service with a Smile!

serving lunch 1 serving lunch 2 serving lunch 3 serving lunch 4 serving lunch 5Never wanting to miss an opportunity to serve others, school administrators from across our district stepped up to the lunch counter, donned their hairnets, and scooped up warm, healthy Thanksgiving meals to students in each of our N-CCS buildings last week! School-level leaders such as Mr. Nelson at Shuford Elementary, Mr. Whitener at North Newton Elementary, and Mrs. Palmisano at Conover School helped out, as did our Superintendent, Dr. Stegall, and our Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Gabriel! Each of these leaders enjoyed serving a Thanksgiving feast on Wednesday, November 19th.  While the administrators truly delighted in meeting and greeting the students, the students also enjoyed delicious turkey with gravy, savory stuffing, garden-fresh green beans, and mouthwatering mashed potatoes.  Yum!


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