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November 2014 Employee of the Month: Mrs. Dana Kirby

Christmas baking and November EOM 030Congratulations to the Newton-Conover City Schools November Employee of the Month, Mrs. Dana Kirby!

Dana is an EC program specialist, who works with middle, high, private, and pre-k students and staff members. Dana works around the clock to assist EC teachers and administrators in keeping students in class, assuring that they are learning, and helping to progress monitor for IEP growth. She worked throughout the summer to make sure that EC students were scheduled in the correct classes at N-CMS, and she works over the weekends and on breaks to coordinate testing paperwork, process EC folders, audit IEP folders, pair students with EC teachers/Regular Education teachers, follow-up on student placement and services, and hold meetings with all stakeholders. She assists with feeding and supporting students who are less fortunate, and she even makes sure that they have proper snacks and meals after school, on breaks, before football practice, etc. She cares for her EC students at the middle and high school, as well as the pre-k and private school students she works with, as if they were her own. She is a friend, resource, and support for school and district level staff, and she is a positive liaison between our school system and other districts/stakeholders. She is a great example of an N-CCS employee. Dana will receive a small monetary token of appreciation for her passion, dedication, and hard work!

Dana Kirby is just another reason why we are all proud to say, “We are Newton-Conover!”


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