Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Connecting Science to the Real World at Shuford Elementary

scienceShuford Elementary School’s 5th grade students had an exciting day, on Thursday, December 11th. Educator, Sherry Williams, from the Catawba Science Center, in Hickory, NC, visited with a batch of preserved amphibians for the students to study. The 5th graders are learning about the human body systems and how each structure functions. A frog dissection is used to allow students to see, touch, and explore the diverse organs in the body. For the squeamish at heart,

Sherry explained that the frogs are harvested from an indigent village in Mexico where the frog population is overabundant. Farmers of the area are paid to gather the animals. The collection helps their local environment and economy, as well as, giving students elsewhere a chance to understand the body.

Theresa Roth, a 5th grade teacher at Shuford, believes, “when my students dissect frogs they get to see the organs we are studying and understand how they work inside a single animal. They then apply this knowledge to the human body systems. Even though there are differences between a human and animal organ system, many of the organ systems in complex animals works very similar to those of a human.”

science 2The principal of Shuford Elementary, Patrick Nelson, also joined in on the fun that day by dissecting his own frog. Mr. Nelson stated, “I enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the students and being back in the classroom. This hands-on experience allows students to make connections, from science to the real world. It is the one of the most effective learning moments our students will have to participate in.”

Shuford Elementary School is located in Conover, North Carolina and proudly led by Principal, Mr. Patrick Nelson. The school serves over 500 students in the Newton-Conover City School’s district. To learn more about Shuford Elementary School please visit them online at:


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