Saturday , 24 February 2018
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Students Climb Mt. Bulldog

photo (42)Sean Fitzgerald was awarded with an innovative grant for a rock climbing wall for the gymnasium to support the Physical Education program at North Newton Elementary School.

Climbing walls are both physically and mentally stimulating for students. North Newton students are involved in using a certain amount of strength to climb, and that strength will continue to develop with frequent use of the climbing wall.  The climbing wall is also mentally stimulating because the student has to utilize problem solving skills when determining how to move on the wall.  photo (40)

The students have  to understand what moves need to be made, what hand hold needs to be grabbed, and where your foot needs to go to propel themselves upwards. The students at North Newton are also gaining self-confidence when climbing the rock wall.

Stop in at North Newton Elementary School to see the students in action on the rock wall.




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