Saturday , 20 January 2018
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Talk About Later Boxes

IMG_1080Do you have a student who either has an intense interest or seems to be off topic several times a day? By dedicating a small corner of your white board to a Talk About Later box, you can acknowledge their interest but keep your lesson moving. For example, if you are talking about subtraction and a child raises their hand and wants to tell you every fact they know about manatees, you simply say, “I can’t wait to talk to you about manatees but right now we need to finish our learning about subtraction. Let’s talk about manatees at 2:20.”  You want to use the last 5 or 10 minutes of class because you will be collecting topics all day. By taking a quick second right then and listing it on the board in the Talk About Later box, you are acknowledging the student’s interest and letting them know that they are important. Make sure that you revisit the topics in your box on time so that the students buy into this instruction time saver. What I have found through the years is that many times the students won’t want to discuss their topic at the end of the day but they know that they were heard.

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