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Internship Leads Abby Cox to Receive the Hickory Young Professional Scholarship

Abbey CoxAbby Cox was the winner of the Hickory Young Professional (HYP) Scholarship.  Applications for this award were taken from students in Catawba County Schools, Hickory City, Alexander and Newton-Conover City Schools.  Abby heard about the scholarship after attending the Education Matters Career Expo at Catawba Valley Community College in October.  There she met with a group of members of the HYP.   After talking with this group, she was interested in applying for the scholarship and eventually won that award.  This $500 scholarship will help her to pursue her future career.

If you talk with Abby you will find her main interest is to be a veterinarian.  Abby, a Senior at Newton-Conover High School, is completing an internship at Conover Vet while attending her courses at the high school.   According to Abby, “I have worked with both the Conover Veterinary Hospital and the Animal Hospital of Newton-Conover since the beginning of this school year.  I heard about internships from Mr. Towery, the Career Development Coordinator at the high school.  As a result, I chose to work at the vet because I want to be a vet (go figure)! I have a passion for animals; both keeping them healthy and giving them a voice. As of right now, I am planning on attending NC State for Animal Science, and continuing to Veterinary School to become a DVM (doctor of veterinary medicine).”

She went on to say, “I plan to use the scholarship money to ease the burden of college loans on both me and my parents.   My internship has been so amazing, and I am distraught that it has to come to an end. It has been such a beneficial experience for me and for the status of my goals and plans for the future. Experiencing what I have throughout my internship has taught me so much about the career field I am interested in, and truly strengthened my ever-growing passion for animals and care-taking.”

Abby had this advice for others… “I would just like to say that I highly recommend interning to anyone interested in finding out more about themselves and their aspirations. Whether it reinforces your future plans or makes you change your mind, there’s really no “down side” to taking an internship.”


For more information on Hickory Young Professionals:  HYP

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