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January is School Board Recognition Month!

BOE November 2014 013The Newton-Conover City School System has recognized January as School Board Recognition Month. It is the school system’s goal to set aside January as a time to build an awareness and understanding of the vital function an elected school board of education plays in our society. Newton-Conover City Schools is joining all public school districts across the state to celebrate School Board Recognition Month to honor our local board members for their commitment to providing direction and hope for ALL children in Newton and Conover.

Superintendent, Dr. David Stegall, stated, “Our school board members are perfect examples of public servants. They each devote their time and energy into helping our 3,200 students find success. They don’t just focus on the immediate results, but look at how our district can prepare students for success in life after they leave our district. We are so thankful to have such dedicated, student-focused board members to guide us.”

The N-CCS School Board members are dedicated to building a thriving community, and each of them is committed to making growth, progress, and success possible for the schools that make up our school system. There is no denying that being an N-CCS School Board member requires making wise and intentional decisions every month. These decisions are based on a careful and deliberate understanding of educational issues and regulations in order to provide the kind of accountability that Newton and Conover citizens expect and deserve. School board members give the citizens of the Newton-Conover City Schools district a voice in educational decision making, and although we make a special effort to show our appreciation to them in January, their contribution is a year-round commitment. The dedicated members serving our district are as follows:

Captain Tim Hayes (Chair; pictured top right) began serving on the N-CCS Board of Education in December of 2013. Captain Hayes is married to Leah Hayes, a teacher at South Newton Elementary School. They have a son, Cooper, who also attends South Newton. Captain Hayes has a BS in Criminal Justice Administration, and he currently serves on the Newton Police Department. In his spare time, he enjoys participating in a variety of outdoor activities.

Mrs. Jeanne Jarrett (Vice-Chair; pictured bottom left) began serving on the N-CCS Board of Education in December of 2011. Mrs. Jarrett is married to Robert W. Jarrett, and they are the proud parents of Michael W. Jarrett and Lynette J. Ryhal, a teacher at Shuford Elementary School. Mrs. Jarrett has BA degrees in Accounting and Business Management from NC State University. She works in Finance for the Catawba County Government.

Mr. Jim Stockner (pictured bottom center) began serving on the N-CCS Board of Education in December of 2003. He is married to his wife Trilby, and they have a daughter, Scottie White, who is a teacher at Newton-Conover Middle School. Mr. Stockner earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from East Carolina University. He is a retired music teacher from the N-CCS system, and he currently enjoys performing in Big Band Theater Shows, conducting the Community Band, serving on church committees, and competing in Jude Band Competitions. He is also a member of the Kiwanis Club, and a Tour Director with Christian Tours and Burke Educational Travel. Mr. Stockner assists with funerals at Jenkins Funeral Home, as well.

Mrs. Angie Harris-Ramseur (pictured top, second from right) began serving on the N-CCS Board of Education in December of 2013. Mrs. Harris-Ramseur is married to Michael Ramseur, a Hampton University Assistant Football Coach. They are the parents of Joshua, a Senior at N-CHS, and Jalyn, a Junior at N-CHS. Mrs. Harris-Ramseur has a BS in Sports Science from UNC-Chapel Hill. In her spare time, she enjoys being an active member of a book club with her college friends of over 15 years, and she appreciates watching and playing all types of sporting activities! She works for the City of Newton in Public Works.

Mrs. Bev Hall (pictured top left) began serving on the N-CCS Board of Education in December of 2013. Mrs. Hall is married to Roger L. Hall, and they are the parents of Abraya, Robbin, Sabrina, and Jacqueline. Mrs. Hall is a retired N-CCS Media Specialist, and she received her Masters Degree in Library Science. She enjoys studying the Hebrew Language, playing the flute, cooking, baking, and sewing.

Mr. Bernard Coulter (pictured top, second from left) began serving on the N-CCS Board of Education in March of 2014. Mr. Coulter is married to Terrell Davis Coulter, who is a local nurse. They are the parents of Gabe, Xavion, and Amari. Mr. Coulter graduated from N-CHS in 1990 and Elon University in 1994, where he received his BA in French, with a Minor in Business Administration. Mr. Coulter works for the Pepsi-Cola Company in International Business. He is a Dallas Cowboys fan, as well as a UNC Tarheels Fan! He enjoys weight lifting and practicing Tai Chi, and he also loves word search games!

This month, our school system will recognize the contributions and support of the N-CCS School Board of Education (BOE) members by acknowledging them at the January School Board meeting, communicating our appreciation for the BOE members on our district social networking sites, presenting the BOE members with student-made cards, and surprising them with a special personalized keepsake gift to treasure.

N-CCS would like to suggest that our students, staff, and community members take the time to share your appreciation and satisfaction with the members of our local N-CCS School Board. These representatives of our community make us proud to proclaim, “We Are Newton-Conover!”

(N-CCS Superintendent, Dr. David Stegall, is pictured on the bottom right.)



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