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N-CCS Winter Weather Processes

winter dutyRe-Post from January 15, 2015: It’s that time of year again–time for dark, frigid mornings at the bus stop, ice-covered wind shields, and slippery parking lots and play areas. Yes, it is one of the most beautiful, and yet one of the most worrisome, times of the year for school personnel. Our N-CCS administrative staff seeks to make the best possible decisions about student and staff safety each and every day. By drawing advice and conclusions from the Catawba County Emergency Management Team, local weather forecasts, the National Weather Service, fellow administrative entities, and personal observations, N-CCS leaders continue to consider the community’s best interests when making final calls on weather delays and cancellations.

Should schools need to be cancelled or delayed due to inclement weather, N-CCS will post the latest updates on the district website at, as well as district social media sites such as and Weather-related announcements will also be sent to local radio and TV stations to be aired on their broadcasts, and either school principals or district-level staff members will call individual homes using the School Connects Voice Messaging System.

Should schools need to be closed down early, after already being in session, all of these communication outlets will be utilized, as well as potential personal home phone calls from teachers. Please make sure that your child’s emergency contact information is up to date in his or her school file, in the event that the school would need to contact a parent or guardian for an immediate pick-up or bus stop drop-off.

N-CCS staff will make every effort to communicate in the native languages of our students. Parents can now select the flags at the bottom of the N-CCS webpage screen, and information will be translated into native languages for our students and parents who speak a different language.  The translated language options are: Japanese, Korean, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

Until the next winter weather adventure, you can keep your children warm by dressing them in multiple layers, making sure that they are wearing a hat and gloves, and sending extra clothes in to school, as needed. And–don’t forget to thank the school staff members who stand out in the frigid temperatures to assist with car and bus duties! N-CCS will not let any force of nature stop us from doing what is best for our students! Bundle up and be safe!

(Pictured: North Newton staff members dressed for early morning duties in 10 degree weather!)

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