Saturday , 24 February 2018
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Putting it Into Words

Words are a powerful thing.  Words allow students to preview, review, and make connections.  This year, through the various activities, Amanda Griffin’s 8th-grade science, social studies, and Advisory Time students have done a lot with words.  Of the many tools they’ve utilized, her students highly recommend  Tagxedo is  a website that can be used to turn words into powerful word images–“word clouds with style.”  Mrs. Griffin’s students love to use this website to make their own word creations that are both visually stunning and “edutaining!”  Check out some of these student examples.

Declaration AAA - Respect Hydrosphere ABCs of the Civil War

Word clouds that can be created on Tagxedo and Wordle are advantageous in the classroom setting when looking at vocabulary.  The cluster represents the words in a text.  The larger words  are words that appear more frequently in a text.  This allows students to reflect on important words or themes in story or document and then use this information to discuss key concepts or central ideas.  Students can also place their own writing into a word cloud to monitor for redundancy.  Students build vocabulary and these tools can help to connect the theme of the words to a visual image to assist with understanding and allowing for a unique way to “play” with their words.

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