Wednesday , 21 February 2018
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N-CMS Students Face Their Fears in a Powerful Way!

TRP1TRP5TRP2For thirty minutes a day, Newton-Conover Middle School students meet in small groups throughout the school building for Triple A Time (AAA=Attitude, Academics, Athletics). During this time, students receive remediation in TRP4math or reading, as well as lessons on being a Totally Responsible Person (TRP). During a recent week of these TRP  lessons, students in Mrs. Smith’s 6th grade class discussed courage and the concept that our fears hold us back from being courageous and standing up for what we know is right. To process this concept, students wrote their fears down on banner paper and discussed ways to overcome each one. Then these paper banners were held up for the students to run through, allowing them to “bust through their fears”. The students enjoyed this exercise, but more importantly, they made a commitment to not let their fears stand in the way of doing what is right, even if it is not the popular thing to do!

For more information on the TRP Curriculum, and ways that you can help your students and children understand the concepts of taking control of their own actions and being a Totally Responsible Person, see

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