Thursday , 14 December 2017
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Reading Fluency Strategy : Drill Sandwich

sandwichThe drill sandwich reading strategy is a way for students to increase fluency as they practice and learn new sight words, math facts, vocabulary, spelling words, or factual information by mixing what they know with what they need to learn. Using this method, students are introduced to three new words or facts with a group of seven words or facts that are already known to the student.  The students are able to focus on the three “new” words while reviewing the other seven “known” words.

The following are steps to building a drill sandwich:

1.) Have a student read a passage or paragraph to determine words that are unknown and known to him/her.

2.) Create flashcards to show words known and unknown.  Place in two stacks, (known, unknown).

3.) Create  a “sandwich” using seven known words and three unknown words from your stack of cards. Be sure to follow this pattern (K = known; U = unknown) (KKKUKKUKKU).

4.) Have your student practice identifying all ten items in the order above.

5.) As the unknown items are learned so that the response is immediate and automatic, move them into a known section of the sandwich by removing some of the well-known words.

6.) Add new unknowns and begin learning process again.

Let the fun begin!

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