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N-CCS Stakeholder Surveys Distributed

surveyOur parents, staff, and students provide valuable input and feedback that is crucial in helping N-CCS make decisions for the betterment of our school district. During the week of February 16th, parent, staff, and student climate surveys were distributed to these stakeholders.  Completion of all surveys–both online and paper copies– will need to be returned to the central office by the end of the business day on Friday, March 6, 2015. Please send them to the attention of Dr. Gabriel. 
Parent Surveys: 
Every student will receive a copy of the English survey.  Spanish surveys are to accompany the English survey for those students whose parents only speak Spanish.  Schools will make additional copies, if needed. Principals will make every effort to ensure confidentiality of the parent survey collection processes. Collection boxes in the office, student helpers coming to each class to collect surveys each morning, or other strategies of the school’s creation would be greatly appreciated by our parents. A few demographic items on the parent survey have been removed this year, so as not to be identifiers like the ones that were present last year. Parents are encouraged to complete individual surveys for each school their child(ren) attends.
Student Surveys:
Principals are to use their best judgement on making sure that surveys are completed by every student – either in homeroom or in a computer class setting.  Below is the beginning excerpt for the 2nd-12th grade survey.  There are two surveys for students depending on student grade; this will dictate which survey to complete.
Please provide feedback regarding the instruction, safety, and support services offered by your school. Give honest answers based on your overall perceptions of the various elements of your school. You will have the opportunity to leave specific comments on this survey, as well. Your input will be used to improve the services provided by Newton-Conover City Schools. Thank you for your input and for being the most important part of the Newton-Conover City Schools family!
Staff Surveys: 
Principals may forward the survey link to each staff member or complete the survey during a faculty meeting.  Below is the beginning excerpt for the staff survey:
Please provide feedback on the following items relative to the services provided by Newton-Conover City Schools. The comments will be used to improve the services offered by your school, as well as Newton-Conover City Schools as a district. Your feedback is valuable and helps inform practices in our district. Thank you for your daily efforts with the most important resource in the Newton-Conover City Schools family: our children!

**Staff and student surveys are now accessible via the District and School website.  The staff survey is located under Employee links (last choice).  Student surveys (K-1 and 2-12) are located under Parents and Students>Student links>K-1 survey or  2-12 survey.  Or, you can access the links here: 

Staff Survey – click here
Student Survey  K-1 –    click here
Student Survey  2-12 –  click here
Thank you for taking the time to give us your honest opinions and valuable feedback! Together, WE will make Newton-Conover even better!

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