Sunday , 18 February 2018
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Blogging in the Classroom

bloggingKidblog, are you using it in your classroom?

Each year I use Kidblog in my room for reading responses, journal entries, and beginning of the year get to know you activities. By midyear Kidblog has lost it pizzazz for many of my students.

How can Kidblog be more meaningful in your classroom?

Connect your classroom with another class ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, or another class in your state, district, or own school building! Students are much more interested in feedback and comments on their post when they are from anyone but their own teacher. It also gives students a chance to have real conversations with other students.

How to connect with other classrooms?

Find a classroom using Kidblog and get their classroom URL. I found classrooms to connect with by posting on Google + in different communities I have joined! I have gotten responses back from classrooms in NY, RI, and FL.  Once you have a classes URL then go to Kidblog and under settings add the class URL to the posts and comments section. I have it set so that I must approve comments and post before they appear. You can change all of these privacy settings under settings as well!

Start small so that you can manage blogging in your classroom. Ask another teacher in your building to partner with your class to begin with. Once you and your students are comfortable then look for other classes to connect with!

Click here to start a Kidblog with your class!


Happy Blogging!


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