Friday , 23 February 2018
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ACT Boot Camp To Help Student Scores Increase

Mastery PrepMost people know that students take the ACT (American College Testing) test during their junior year and that most students take this test to apply for colleges or post-secondary schools.  But did you know that a student’s comprehensive score may also help him/her to get scholarships that, in turn, help to reduce the cost of their education?


For this reason, district leaders for Newton-Conover City Schools wanted to give our students a “leg-up” before taking the test this year.  A group known as ACT Mastery Prep provides school districts opportunities to see where the 11th graders would score on the ACT by using a Pre-test Assessment.  That test was given in the fall on October 22, 2014.   Once that test was taken, scores were assigned to each student and shared with the Principals, given all the same components as the “official” test.  By knowing their students’ scores, the principals can identify which students might benefit from a booster course before the real test is taken in March.


The booster course is given in the form of a one-day ACT Mastery Boot Camp.  Looking at student scores from both Newton-Conover High and Discovery High, Principals and counselors from both schools identified 95 students, collectively, to take the all day camp on February 25, 2015.  Instruction and feedback was given to the students based on their “weak areas” of the pre-test in an attempt to score better on the ACT test given on March 3rd.  All students were issued a workbook to use for the boot camp to complete activities and exercises from the instructor for the camp.


Students had positive comments about the camp and the day moved along quickly.  Now the students and district leaders will be anxious to see how much their score improved from the original pre-assessment.  Although the entire program, Pre-Assessment and Boot Camp, cost the district some money, it was worth it if it helps the students to be more successful in their goals.


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