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N-CCS Benefits from “Art for All” Grants

art6 art5 art3 art1The Hickory Museum of Art has several partnerships with Newton-Conover City Schools. In such partnerships, students benefit from a variety of lessons and field trips in which they are exposed to visual arts, art technique, art history, and art integration.

Through an annual matched grant between Conover School and the United Arts Council of Catawba County/Hickory Museum of Art entitled the “Art for All” grant, Conover School students receive monthly art lessons from a local art educator, Ginny Zelmer. For two to three days a month, Mrs. Ginny teaches an art lesson to each class at Conover School. Through activities of arts and literature integration, she teaches art skills and art appreciation by reading a story, incorporating a game or extension activity from the story, and then leading the students in a related art project.  Through such art instruction, students are given the opportunity to create and craft what their minds sees. No attempt is ever wrong, and each student is given much praise in that everyone makes and creates what they envision. It has been evident that students at Conover benefit from learning and exploring their world through art, as art has proven to be a form of expression that gives every child a voice, whether they are verbal or non-verbal, physically handicapped or physically able.

Recently, artists from the Hickory Museum of Art visited the ESL students at Shuford Elementary to provide a program called “Art For All” for these students, as well!  This program integrates literacy and art appreciation for students who are learning English as their second language.  This year, the classes participating are from 4th grade and 2nd grade.  Before creating these pastel and watercolor Toucans, students learned about the Rainforest and the habitat of the Toucan.  Students will have all of their art on display at the museum for a reception on Tuesday April 21, 2015 from 6-7 pm.

N-CCS salutes the Hickory Museum of Art for their dedication to serving and teaching ALL students. Our students are certainly finding their voice through the visual arts integration experiences the Museum is able to offer them. Fore more information on this local art museum, go to

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