Saturday , 17 February 2018
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South Newton Teacher Collaborates with Letterland Creator Over Skype

mullinsskype mullinsskype1On Saturday, March 21st, South Newton Elementary School teacher Shannon Mullins had the opportunity to Skype with Lyn Wendon, creator of Letterland.  She was asked to talk about her success with Letterland and Letterland Interventions. Letterland is the curriculum our elementary schools are currently using to introduce the foundational concepts of reading to our K-2 students. During the Skype session, the two discussed the developmental reading process for beginning readers and how to assess students for a prescriptive diagnosis of reading issues.  They also talked about what happens to students who become off-track readers and how important a teacher’s knowledge of the reading process is to help correct these issues.

Lyn and Shannon discussed the strategies Shannon used in addition to Letterland that allowed her class last year to make such growth in reading, such as CAFE and Daily Five.  Lyn and Shannon then discussed accuracy and fluency rate research and how to interpret Informal Reading Inventories for a clear understanding of where a child needs to be reading independently and instructionally.  Finally, their conversation led to how to interpret student errors on IRI’s, as they are reading text and when they are spelling, to determine which aspect of orthography they need the most support in.

As the two wrapped up their extremely interesting Skype session, they talked about the origins of Letterland, and Lyn invited Shannon Mullins to come visit her at Tweetsie in May when the Letterland theme would be in full swing at the park. The Skype session was a wonderful time of sharing, learning, and growing for both educators. We are proud of Mrs. Mullins’ accomplishments and her willingness to continue to learn new strategies and concepts in order to be an even stronger teacher!

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