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District Leaders Present at State Conference

reading fusionOn Wednesday, March 25, 2015, Exceptional Children’s (EC) teachers, EC Directors, Reading Specialists, Math Specialists, and Department of Public Instruction staff members gathered at the NC SIP Spring Networking Meeting in Greensboro, NC.
NC SIP, or the North Carolina State Improvement Project, is a grant-based funding source that each school district can apply for and receive, if their application is accepted. The purpose of this grant project is to support LEAs (school districts) who are implementing researched-based best practices in the areas of math and/or reading to increase the performance and growth of students with disabilities. N-CCS became an NC SIP Reading district in 2011-2012, and since that time, N-CCS has implemented several successful reading programs for struggling readers. N-CCS was chosen to present at this year’s 15th Annual Spring Networking Meeting to show the tremendous growth that N-CHS students have made in reading, since participating in the Fusion Reading Program.
Cynde Gilmore, N-CCS Reading Specialist, and Dr. Betsy Rosenbalm, N-CCS EC Director, presented to two groups of educators on the planning, executing, and data collecting processes of the Fusion Reading Programs in the district. These presenters also shared the successes of using this program, such as the average growth of 3.1 grade levels last semester in the N-CHS Fusion Reading class. Due to this presentation, several LEAs are planning to come visit the N-CCS Fusion classes in the coming months. N-CCS continues to train regular education teachers and EC teachers in such programs/frameworks as Reading Foundations, Keys to Comprehension, Letterland, Rave-O, Phonics Blitz/Boost, and Fusion Reading to provide teachers with the strategies and resources they need to help every child learn. At N-CCS, we know that ALL students can make growth.  Congratulations to the Fusion teachers and students who have shown that focused interventions, taught with fidelity, can lead to large amounts of growth in reading proficiency.

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