Saturday , 24 February 2018
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Using Google Earth in the Classroom

google earth

Google earth is a great tool to enhance learning in the classroom.  Students love to explore by searching their address, famous landmarks, or states they have visited, but there is much more to this great mapping tool.  Google earth has several features that are useful in the classroom such as exploring Earth, the sky, the Moon, and Mars.  Teachers and students can get a closer look at places both near and far not only by zooming in to a certain area, but through pictures and videos that have been added to Google earth as well.  Students can take tours designed by their teacher or create their own tours.  Once Google earth has been downloaded, the startup tip box will pop up as a guide.  The tip box will give information about how to navigate through each feature of Google earth.  Your students can look at constellations using the sky mode or watch a video of astronauts on the moon by selecting the moon tools.  They can see how scientists are launching probes into the ocean, and even explore the different types of landforms that are local and around the world.  Students can find famous landmarks or the location of their next field trip.  Google earth is not just a mapping tool to help us get from one place to another.  It is a whole world at our fingertips waiting to be explored!

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