Sunday , 18 February 2018
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“Learning to code makes kids feel empowered, creative, and confident.  If we want our young [kids] to retain these traits into adulthood, a great option is to expose them to computer programming in their youth. ” – Senior Vice President, Google

Let me be transparent with you. When I first heard that students around the world in grades K-5 were learning how to program computers & write lines of code, I couldn’t believe it. I told myself that Computer Programming is too foreign for me to even wrap my head around.  Many of my 5 & 6 year olds couldn’t read… how in the world could they write code for a program? This is probably the mindset of many teachers, like myself. It wasn’t until I found the website that I had a major paradigm shift. I found infographics like the one below, I read blogs on Coding, and I pledged to the hour of code.


Here is how I started Coding with my Kindergartners. First we watched this phenomenal video. My kids were so excited to see many familiar faces talking to them!

Then we explored on the app Kodable.

Kodable is a programming game for children in grades K-5. Kodable is self-paced, it prompts children when a new concept is introduced, and it is fun! My favorite thing about this coding app is the ability to set up & track your students, Kodable is differentiated & easy to track student progress on any iPad. kodable_ss3

Kodable helps children to develop the problem solving skills, logic, and synergistic views that are crucial in learning to succeed as a computer programmer.

It is amazing to hear my students work through their thinking while they are coding!

This learning guide contains everything you need to get started with coding!






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