Saturday , 24 February 2018
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Art Project, Oceans, Camel View…Oh My!

Google CamelHave you ever wished you could take a quick field trip to a museum or to a faraway place to give your students the opportunity to really see what they have been learning!  Now you can!  Google has several tools to take your students’ learning to the next level.

Google Art Project has partnered with art institutes to allow people to view art in great detail.  Some of the galleries include tours using Street View.  You can view more than 45,000 objects in more than 60 museums.  Ocean in Google Earth will allow you to travel well below the sea level to see a variety of sea life.  Spend some time seeing anything from whales on the Ribbon Reef to spinner dolphins.  And while Google is very high tech, you may find yourself enjoying a ride through Camel View as you explore deserts!  Art, oceans, and camels, oh my, teaching and learning is more exciting with Google!

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