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N-CCS Students Dance the Night Away!

May 2015 BOE 004May 2015 BOE 007May 2015 BOE 008May 2015 BOE 014May 2015 BOE 016May 2015 BOE 018May 2015 BOE 025May 2015 BOE 026May 16, 2015 was a night of laughter, love, and lasting memories as students from Conover School, Newton-Conover High School, and Discovery High School gathered together with their friends and love interests to show off their dancing moves and their stylish formal wear.

Students at Conover School enjoyed an evening of Glitz and Glamour in a classy event organized by Conover Teacher Assistant, Lisa Farley. Students at N-CHS and Discovery enjoyed an evening of Travel to the Orient  in an Asian-themed ballroom event, organized by N-CHS English teacher, Joanne Chase.

The King and Queen of the Conover Prom were Seniors, Delonta Hoke and Tia Thompson. The King and Queen of the N-CHS and Discovery Proms were Seniors, Austin Klutz and Ally Adams. Each of these students was voted on by their supportive friends and class peers.

May 2015 BOE 033May 2015 BOE 034May 2015 BOE 035May 2015 BOE 038May 2015 BOE 043Despite the warm weather and warm thoughts of Mr. Campbell that still lingered in the air, students and staff members enjoyed a time of special togetherness and celebration, as they begin to wrap up yet another wonderful year of school in N-CCS. The evening was another great reminder of why we are proud to say, “We are Newton-May 2015 BOE 044May 2015 BOE 054May 2015 BOE 046Conover!”


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