Sunday , 18 February 2018
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Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty? A CSI PBL Activity


Recently we attended a CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) DLA in which we had the opportunity to be part of a problem-based learning (PBL) activity.  This project kept us so engaged that we hardly noticed it was time for lunch. We were told we were part of an investigation team trying to find the source of a deadly virus.  We were given limited information and had to do research in order to start our investigation.

We continued to collaborate, ask questions, and use critical thinking skills in order to determine what happened in this case. We came up with our own conclusions based on the evidence.

We took this idea back to our first grade classrooms and will be exploring whether or not Humpty Dumpty was pushed off the wall and if so by whom?  The students will be researching and learning about characters in nursery rhymes that could be possible suspects. Through  learning nursery rhymes the students will be practicing reading rhymes and poems as well as learning unfamiliar vocabulary – what are curds and whey anyhow?  Students will use created for them in order to research and learn several nursery rhymes.  As they explore some of the characters that may have been around Humpty Dumpty’s wall on the night of the fall, they will have the opportunity to collaborate and to think critically about the events.  Students will receive a series of news flashes and new information about the case through the use of Nearpod codes.  We also created interviews of two nursery rhyme characters who provide the students with more information on the night in question. As students begin to narrow down their ideas, new leads will be sent to them.  As they follow a lead, a QR code will either send them in another direction or give them a dead end.

We expect by the end of this activity that students will be highly engaged in their learning by applying the 4 C’s throughout the course of the activity.

Mischele Glover and Lynette Ryhal

Shuford Elementary First Grade Teachers

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