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Three N-CCS Educators Win First Annual Inno Awards

Inno Awards 010 Inno Awards 006On Tuesday, June 2nd, N-CCS teachers, administrators, and students gathered to hear the anticipated news of the winning 2014-2015 Innovative Grant Recipients! In the fall of 2014, students and staff members submitted proposals to gain grant funding for an innovative project for their classroom or school. The funding for these grants would come from the profits made off of facilities usage in/on N-CCS properties. Teams of teachers and students from N-CCS elementary, middle, and high schools worked together to submit proposals for grant ideas, and 15 projects were funded! Individual teacher grants were funded up to $1,000 and group/collaborative grants were funded up to $1500.

In the spring of 2015, each of the grant winners was asked to submit follow up videos and reports to share the progress that had been made on each of their grant-funded initiatives. Grant recipients were asked to develop a 3-minute commercial for their innovative grant projects, use this video to share with all stakeholders the opportunity to be innovative and to improve the quality of education for students in their schools, and use students in action, in video clips/ images, music, and graphics.  Videos and project descriptions were posted online from May 23 – June 1, and N-CCS did a social media and internal notification to push out the online voting competition. Winners of the vote for the most innovative grant/video were announced at the Community Showcase on June 2 at 4:00 pm. Click here to view the videos of all 15 extraordinary grant-funded projects that were funded in N-CCS this year.

Congratulations to Brian Smith (Central Office/Boys Book Club), Adrianne Blackwelder (Shuford/School Garden), and Sean Fitzgerald (North Newton/Mount Bulldog) for winning the Innovative Grant vote! These three educators earned additional funds to extend their projects in the coming year.

Due to the N-CCS Innovative Grants, teachers have been able to create memorable, interactive, and enhanced learning experiences that would not be possible without additional funding. N-CCS embraces the fact that every child learns differently and that the number of ways we can engage students is limitless. Our goal, as educators, is to prepare students for college, career, and beyond, and N-CCS Innovative Grants fund projects that extend the regular curriculum; encourage higher-level thinking skills; and enrich student learning through culture, art, music, and other activities.

Those interested in writing a proposal for an N-CCS Innovative Grant in the coming school year can send in a grant proposal from June 2-September 30, 2015.  Additional information about N-CCS Innovative Grants can be found at this link.


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