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N-CCS Honors Retiring Educators

Retirement 2015 049 On Thursday night, May 28, N-CCS leaders, administrators, staff, teachers, BOE members, family, and friends gathered at the Market on Main in Hickory to celebrate the amazing careers of 13 N-CCS employees. The event was highlighted by special words of encouragement from Dr. Stegall (Superintendent), Dr. Gabriel (Assistant Superintendent), Dr. Rosenbalm (Director of EC and Communication Services) and Dr. White (Director of Human Resources). Each honored retiree was joined by a special guest of their choice and was surrounded by their administrators and district supporters. Retirees enjoyed a delicious meal and received an inscribed apple with their name on it, as a token of appreciation. Special memories of each employee’s careers were highlighted in a meaningful presentation given by Dr. White.  These honored guests included:

  • William (Bill) Long, Central Office Director of CTE, High School, and Student Services
  • Mark Gupton, District EC Program Compliance Specialist (not pictured)
  • Gary Towery, N-CHS CTE Teacher/Coordinator
  • Janis Bolick, N-CHS EC Teacher
  • Julie Brown, N-CHS English Teacher
  • Roy Highberg, Discovery High Science Teacher
  • Ruth Miller, N-CMS Media Specialist
  • Susan Albano, N-CMS ESL Teacher (not pictured)
  • Valerie Leath, N-CMS Assistant Principal
  • Tracy Workman, North Newton Elementary EC Teacher (not pictured)
  • Patricia (Pat) Styles, South Newton Elementary Media Specialist
  • Candius (Candie) Campbell, South Newton Elementary ESL Teacher (not pictured)
  • Catherine (Cathy) Gregg, South Newton Elementary Teacher Assistant

Newton-Conover is proud to commend these fine retirees for their 361 total years in education,  202 of which took place in N-CCS! The impact and positive influence that these educators leave behind will be a part of us as we continue to educate and affect student success. This evening served as another great example of why we are proud to say, “We are Newton-Conover!”

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