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What is the K-3 Formative Assessment Process?


The NC K-3 Formative Assessment Process supports continuous teaching and learning by providing teachers, students, and families the information they need to move learning forward. This formative process begins when children entering kindergarten in the fall of 2015.

This process will provide a balance of summative and benchmark assessments in order to gain a more complete picture of a child’s developing abilities.  These assessments will be integrated into  daily instruction in the classroom.  The kindergarten teachers will begin to collect information during the first sixty days of kindergarten to create a snapshot of each child. Teachers will use the information collected during the first sixty days, as well as throughout the school year, to meet the individual needs of each child.

Each teacher will collect evidence about what children say, do, make, or write (e.g., observations, work samples, parent input, activities) while instruction is occurring and learning is underway. This occurs across five areas of learning and development:

• Approaches to Learning

• Cognitive Development

• Emotional-Social Development

• Language Development and Communication

• Health and Physical Development

The teacher will use the evidence collected through the formative assessment process to better understand where a child is developmentally in his or her learning. This will help the teacher make immediate and ongoing adjustments to instruction and learning. The teachers will be using an electronic platform to store the information collected.

This year the kindergarten teachers will only focus on two areas: Book and Print Awareness (Language Development and Communication) and Object Counting (Cognitive Development).  For more information about the K-3 Formative Assessment Process, click here.

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