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cubeWhat is it? Cubing is a versatile strategy, similar to a contract, which allows you to plan different activities for different students or groups of students based on student readiness, learning style, and/or interests. You will create a cube-usually different colored cubes for different groups of students. On each of its six faces, you will describe a different task related to the subject and/or concept being learned.

Why use it? Cubing provides a way for all students to explore one important topic or idea but to accomplish tasks at their readiness levels, in their preferred learning styles, and/or in areas of personal interest. All students are working on activities dictated by their cubes; the activities are differentiated for individual students or groups of students. Groups are very flexible. One cubing activity might group gifted learners for more challenging, higher-level activities; another cubing activity might group gifted and nongifted students alike according to their interests.

How to use it? Print out a blank cube template. Then think of many different commands which might go on the faces of a cube (describe, diagram, apply, analyze, connect, argue, evaluate, and create, for example).


cubing 1 cubing 2






Where can I find more information about cubing?

How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed Ability Classrooms, Carol Ann Tomlinson, ASCD.


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