Saturday , 17 February 2018
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Make Classroom Presentations More Interactive with Nearpod

nearpodoneNeed to get information to your students?  Need to make sure they are understanding that information? Want to do it in a format that can both engage and assess your students?   Nearpod is a tool that can be used in classes to create interactive presentations allowing the teacher to build assessments and understanding checks right in!

Rather than a presentation being placed on the board and stopping to ask questions, you can display the presentation right on the students’ device screens allowing for engagement and assessment all in one.  The teacher can control them or can allow students to work at their own pace.  Teachers can upload existing presentations, create new presentations from scratch, or find presentations in Nearpod’s lesson library.   

You can use Nearpod to add several additional features into your presentation:

  • Poll: Survey questions where there is no option for correct/incorrect answers.  This feature allows you to get a “pulse” on your class.
  • Q&A:  Quick way to get real time checking for understanding.
  • Quiz: Instead of a single question, have students answer a series of questions at their own pace.  Feedback is quick and allows you to adjust as needed.
  • Video: Insert an MP4 (must be uploaded) to play back on devices.
  • Draw it: Have students draw over a blank canvas or over an image. Choose which ones to share with the group to model correct answers and share ideas.  

For more information, check out the Nearpod website!

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