Thursday , 14 December 2017
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Offer Choice Boards in Class!

Choice boachoicerds offer students a way to make decisions about what they will do in order to meet class requirements.  You can use choice boards  for a single lesson, a week-long lesson, or even a month-long period of study. Choice boards allow the teacher to provide differentiation in the classroom. In order to create a choice board:

  • Identify the most important elements of a lesson or unit.
  • Create a required assignment or project that reflects the minimum understanding you expect all students to achieve.
  • Then develop a board of options for your students to choose how to show mastery of the content.
  • Create a final optional section that requires students the opportunity for enrichment.  The optional section often reflects activities that students can use for extra credit.
  • Create a rubric for students to view to see what options is best for them to choose in order to get the grade that they desire.

For examples of choice boards, click here.

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