Saturday , 16 December 2017
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The Double Robot has Arrived!

Our Double Robotics Double Robot (who we have lovingly named Doug) started as an idea to get a home-bound student at Shuford who is going through cancer treatments back in the classroom. Ms. Kelsey Boosman and Ms. Stacey Mrazek thought about skype, facetime, and other non-interactive video chats, but all of those options were missing the key component of actually allowing the child at home to feel like a student again.
When our Speech Language Pathologist mentioned that she had seen a robot with an iPad on top of it on a real estate TV show, we decided to begin some research.  After discovering Double Robotics, Stacey and I submitted an innovative grant that would allow us to purchase, the robot Doug! We are so excited to have him at our school!
 Although the original family that we purchased the robot for was forced to relocate in order to be closer to the hospital where she is receiving her treatments, the child was recently able to link into Doug and meet her teacher and classmates for the first time. It was an incredible experience to be a part of, and thanks to this child we now are able to use Doug for students around the district.
image4We are currently talking with another elementary school in our district about two home-bound students and how Stacey and I can best support them with the use of Doug, the robot, in order to get these kids back in the classroom.
 A special thank you to Ms. Boosman and Ms. Mrazek for their innovative thinking which has greatly impacted the educational services of homebound students.


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